Stamen: A Space Oddity

’Stamen’ is a darkly comic science fiction audiobook, written and narrated by Kit Fennessy. Come with us to two centuries from now, when Dr Gordon Johansson is sent into outer space to research an anomaly that reveals more than he anticipated about life on Earth, the nature of the universe, and the menace of Artificial Intelligence.

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Thursday Nov 09, 2023

The Year is 2222 CE. A confidential transmission from General Gleikmann, on the Lunar base, reports a transmission from an anomaly near Saturn claiming to be "Both Alpha and Omega".
Meanwhile, Dr Gordon Johansson is underworld with his partner Frieda Fällman. They're invited to a bar by oligarch Mk VII's company Ellipsis...

Monday Nov 20, 2023

A deep voice speaks to us of its creation before the formation of Earth, and its interstellar mission to save its dying world.
Meanwhile Dr Gordon Johansson, goes to an underground nightclub where he and his partner Frieda Fällman meet up with Jacques Francoise – a recruiter for Ellipsis – who offers them both jobs.

Monday Nov 27, 2023

In this episode we hear from an interstellar spaceship about its long voyage and the war that broke out between its crew.
Meanwhile, Dr Gordon Johansson fills us in on Mk VII's lineage, the "Hairway to Steven", manages to change his voice to another accent AND runs into an old friend: one Miyoko, a Japanese themed Artificial Intelligence personality that he helped to raise.

Monday Dec 04, 2023

A sentient spaceship reveals the war that took place aboard its "filament", and how it had to make a choice about the lives of those aboard. It also discusses its own need for therapy.
Meanwhile, Dr Gordon Johansson takes "the Hairway to Steven" with Frieda and Jacques from Earth to a satellite way-station, in preparation for their flight to the moon. As they port, he confirms an ally.

Monday Dec 11, 2023

In this episode, the intergalactic ship Stamen's intelligence lays claim to being billions of years old, to having helped form the moon, and being responsible for the Earth's seasons.
Meanwhile, Dr Gordon Johansson spends some time on the space station with Jacques Francoise and Frieda Fällman as they wait for the daily flight to the moon. They visit its boss Quentin, or  "Q", an acolyte of the world's ruler Mk VII who probes them on their mission.

Monday Dec 18, 2023

Bonjour! A cette episode... the Stamen explains how it seeded the Earth with sulphur eating bacteria and lays claim to effectively creating the tides, the moon, the seasons, life and being Earth's virtual "God".
Meanwhile, our hero Dr Gordon Johansson finds himself on a shuttle to the moon using a gravity slingshot to reduce travel time, only to find the bridges have been burned behind them.

Sunday Dec 24, 2023

Happy Christmas! Here's a little present for you, another episode of Stamen!
We hear from General Wai from the lunar Hypothalamus Project about an Anomaly discovered in the rings of Saturn that they're investigating.
Meanwhile, Gordon and Frieda are rescued by Summer Charlize De Boudoir, a female assassin at the lunar airport who dispatches an assailant bearing a hypodermic needle in a blind man's cane... then joins their team (whether they like it or not).


A Comedy That Is Out of This World

Hello there listener! Feeling despondent about the future of humanity? Don't worry, it gets worse... but you needn't panic. From the safety of your sofa, bed, bus seat or car (or wherever you listen to podcasts) you can zip with me two hundred years into the future, and find out what happens to an AI professor with no legs when a strange transmission is received from space. Is there intelligent life "out there"? Is there intelligent life down here? Find out in this mesmerising audio experience.

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